We offer design services by our RCDD staff to create your communication infrastructure. Just need a move, add, or change? We will complete your small project as well. We can demo existing cabling prior to installing new cabling, as required by local codes. With over 44 years of experience in working with general contractors and end users, we can easily complete a new construction project. Is your space in need of a remodel? This work is usually a combination of demo, MAC work and new construction. Our electrical division often completes necessary electrical installations for our customers including generators and UPS systems. We proudly offer 24/7 service work on all cable and fiber which we have installed.


Test Equipment Used

Fluke Tester
Fluke 4300 for copper certification
and for fiber testing
equipment specs
test results example

Corning Tester
Corning 1000 deluxe OTDR
for fiber diagnosing
equipment specs

We work with the client prior to the installation to determine a labeling scheme that best suits their needs. All cables and fiber are labeled at the faceplate, cable end, and patch panel with computer generated labels. Every cable is tested and labeled prior to the completion of the job.

Documentation of the test results and as-built drawings can be provided upon completion of the project. Requests for printed, disc copy or as-built drawings must be made prior to the beginning of installation.